New Dates in Saratoga Springs, NY 

       and Shaftsbury, Vermont!

Finding Fire:

The Power of Pleasure

The Destiny of Desire

This fun, sexy, slightly radical, moderately rollicking informative workshop focuses on and explores woman's birthright of "Pleasure Power" and the reclamation of sisterhood.

Through guided discussion, music, intuitive movement and loving yet no bullshit straight talk, Deena guides you through a series of fun and heart provoking interactions with your desires; all the while connecting with other sisters in a safe, nurturing environment.

Women can expect to learn to cultivate new tools toward the expansion of her enjoyment while she continues to nurture and improve the world around her.

This workshop is for ALL women over age 18 who are interested in a meaningful, more enjoyable modality of transformation. There is movement involved but how much is completely up to you. Wear comfortable clothing that makes you feel good.

Two workshops coming up in Saratoga Springs, NY

Saturday June 29th @ Bloom Fitness Boutique *

Saturday August 3rd @ Bloom Fitness Boutique *

 *Space is limited at this location. Please register early


Alchemy of Desire: A Woman's Intensive

September 20-22 2019

Who said transformation has to take months or years of therapy, workshops, books?

What if you could rapidly move through the doorway by taking back your power through a series of practices of radical self-love?

The time for wallowing in the mire is truly over. In these urgent and potent days on planet Earth, we are called to cut through the crap and get really real, really clear, really wild and really inspired.

In this revolutionary weekend intensive, we will cross the threshold of the ordinary and plunge into the depths of our souls, invoking our raw and EMBODIED selves. In Sacred Temple Space, a safe and holy container for deep catharsis and reclamation of feminine power, we will deeply explore our Truest Desires, our Soul Longings, and our Bodies' Knowings.

Turning our lead to gold means not pushing away or cutting off aspects of our selves or psyches we think are dark or sinister but rather invoking them to come into the light to be expressed, danced, moaned and transformed into resources that fuel our passions and purpose.

Along the way, we will laugh, be irreverent and have a LOT of fun being in a circle of bold, honest, juicy and powerful sisters.

If you attended our Alchemy Intensive in April, you will find there are even MORE exercises and tools that you haven't experienced before.

Opening Temple Ceremony on Friday evening
Deep Council and Mirroring
Connect with Your "Pleasure Power"
Working with Edges and Loving Your Shadowy Darkenss
Reclaiming Sisterhood
Deep Exploration and Reclamation of Desire
Communal Singing and Drumming
Release Toxic Emotions
Imaginal Journeys
Tools for Wholing and Self Healing
Time on the Land
Exploration of the Wild Self through Ecstatic Dance
Tools for Manifesting Your Authentic Gifts

“Your feelings are the utmost priority; your desires are more important than anyone else's deadline or mandate.”

~ Regena Thomashauer, Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts
Spirit Hollow has tent cabins with bunks. These are shared with up to four-six other women. You need to bring bedding, such as sleeping bags and pillows. You can also sleep in the yurt in an open, shared space or bring your own tent and camp out.

To keep costs low, we ask that you brink two potluck dishes; come having already eaten on Friday evening. Since there won't be enough space or time for chopping and cooking, these should be already cooked dishes that can be easily heated in the oven or on the stove; you can also bring a crock pot. We will coordinate food by using an online Potluck Planning site to enter what you're bringing so we don't have overlap. Bring your own breakfast stuff for Saturday and Sunday. Spirit Hollow will provide coffee, tea, milk and other beverages for all meals.

Remember, this is a rustic retreat: we have outhouses, which are clean, have skylights and inspirational reading material on the walls. You may use the kitchen in the house for water and washing up.

The cost is $175 for the weekend.
Our capacity is 23; so register early. Please send a $75 deposit to hold your place by sending a check to:
Alchemy of Desire 2.0
Spirit Hollow
2509 Shaftsbury Hollow
North Bennington, VT 05257


You can also register online: