Conjuring through Pleasure

What is your first reaction when you encounter the word 'conjure'?


Merriam-Webster (online) defines conjure this way: to summon by or as if by invocation or incantation. And: to affect or effect by or as if by magic.


Sounds a bit mysterious, no?  Perhaps it feels like a dangerous notion because of what we've been led to believe about all things metaphysical.





I'm not afraid of it and I hope that you're not afraid either because I believe that conjuring is another way of saying creating with intention. The magic ingredient; pleasure.


My newest favorite teacher, Regina Thomasauer says that you cannot successfully conjure without pleasure. I have tested this theory quite a bit as of late and the results have been pretty satisfying. Because even if what I'm trying to conjure doesn't show up right away, I'm having the best time practicing! 


Firstly, you have to know what gives you pleasure.

Now, the predominant culture has a lot invested in your displeasure. The constant inundation of negative messages about our bodies, our psychological health and our place in the world makes it difficult to see our way clear to what is incredible about us and what is working no less what gives us pleasure. So you have to really search for what turns you on. This is important research that requires a bit of a commitment. It's not easy to choose to place positive focus on yourself, but it's oh, so worth the effort.


And you? Do you believe that you are worth the effort? Are you capable of tuning out the negativity long enough to find out what lights you up? It's critical that you feel the YES to these questions.




Still with me? Excellent!


You can start with anything that feels good to you. It could be a hot bath, a good book, dark chocolate-maybe something sexy, like wearing silky stuff. I really enjoy dancing and I find that it's a quick way into pleasure. Don't overthink it. The idea is to locate your pleasure and spend some time in that feeling. 


Now that you're in the zone, you can begin to conjure. Close your eyes, lean back, relax and softly focus on the object of your desire. The key is to stay in your pleasure space as long as you can. You may find invasive thoughts starting to creep in. It's okay. Try to ease yourself back into pleasure. If you lose it, that's okay, too. Try again later. Just don't give up. You have to believe that you are completely and utterly worthy of having what you desire.


Give it at least five minutes a day for a week. Write down how you feel and any insights that may come during your pleasure research. Notice any changes in your attitude, your approach to life and relationships. I would love to know how it works out for you.


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