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Following the Thread

There's so much to learn and love about the stories and myths of our lives. Once consciously engaged with certain motifs, we find ourselves practically inundated with relevant images and encounters. In one sense, this is the law of attraction doing it's thing. At the same time, there comes a deeper meaning with each engagement and we are compelled into further immersion with the thing. As I've said before, there's that rabbit hole effect whereas one can emerge from such reverie with even more questions but at the same time, great clarity can be found where least expected.

I've been rolling a particular motif around in my mind as of late; Ariadne's thread. There is a hero in Greek mythology named Theseus who, for various reasons, must navigate his way through a very complicated labyrinth, kill a half-bull, half-man monster and then find his way out again. A king's daughter, the beautiful Ariadne, falls in love with Theseus. She promises to help him, if he agrees to marry her. He accepts her offer and she gives him a spool of golden thread (in some versions, it's just regular thread, but I dig the idea of golden so we're going with that). She instructs him to secure the beginning of the thread to the entrance and then allow the spool to unwind itself as it leads him to the center where the monster is. After the beast has been destroyed, the hero simply follows the thread, winding it up as he goes, out of the labyrinth.

This story is clearly rich with symbolism but it's that thread that has captured my imagination.

There are countless, unforeseen twists, turns and dead ends that we'll encounter as we go through the labyrinth of our lives. It's helpful to have a thread, no? Something tangible to lead us home.

I've realized that my golden thread has always been music. Even in my darkest moments when I find myself groping for something to hang hope on, I find it in music. Music has been speaking to me and leading me through life for as long as I can remember being in this body.

Moreover, I can listen back on the music that has impacted my life for 5 decades and mark the milestones and growth spurts. Music is the thread that leads me in, out, back and forth through time and space.

I recall an incident from years ago whereas I had quit one of my many waitressing jobs. Following a heated argument with my boss, I threw down my apron and stormed out of the kitchen in an emotional huff. Crying, I got into my car and turned the key. The radio came on just in time for Cheryl Crow to sing to me that a "change would do me good". I felt better right away, and actually started laughing. In the grand scheme, I would normally consider that event insignificant; but because that particular line of that particular song showed up in that particular moment I remembered that I am connected to a great mystery that is aware of and cares for me. And I suspect it is the golden thread of music that connects us.

What connects you to your mystery? Can I help you find it?

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