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Here are a few original songs; mythologems  that reflect certain aspects and archetypes of my Personal Musical Mythology. Click the plume icon for lyrics.

The Trickster - Deena Chappell
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While in deep contemplation of how the outer experience reflects the inner psychic landscape, I mired through bad memories and the difficult emotions associated with them. When I came up for air from this cave of solitary introspection, I began to notice certain attributes of some of the people that have closest to me during this time. I held our relationships up the light of consciousness and peered at them through the Jungian lens. Three magical friends in particular came together in my awareness to form the undeniable outer manifestation of the ancient archetype of the Trickster:

Dedicated Whistler - Deena Chappell
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This song was inspired by my travels through England with a cherished mentor and brought to life by a wonderful producer/musician. My love for relics of the ancients is highlighted here. This piece also pays homage to the influences of Black Sabbath, Jethro Tull and The Beatles.

The Only Time is Now - Deena Chappell
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This song came to me at a dark time. I was painfully aware of the uncertainty of my life. Psychically weakened by grieving, I stumbled blindly toward my music. I prayed for some form of expression in which I could channel these sorrowful energies and help relieve the burden of sadness and despair that had seemingly taken me over. Here is what came through The Only Time is Now feels like ascension. The archetypal image of the phoenix rising from the ashes comes to mind when I think about how I experienced the manifestation of this song.

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