I’ve always been somewhat uneasy with the ocean. In fact, when I was child,  the vast mystery of that moody mass terrified me. Because I was a child growing up on Long Island one would assume that I would feel at home with the sea. But when my mother brought us to Jone...

It was 2007. I had just begun my inner travels as a student of the Consciousness Studies program at Goddard College. I was stirring up all sorts of psycho-sludge from the bottom of my restless, ever questioning soul and I had this dream:

I’m alone in my room at Goddard....

One of the first questions I'm likely to ask a client is "Can you remember your favorite story from your childhood?"

I ask this question because the answer usually offers rich insight to a person's ongoing mythology. Take a moment to remember. In the meantime, I'll offe...

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