Radical Transformation for Women

Deena Chappell Smith M. PSYCH, M.A.

Yes, that's right. It's time to live the bigger life. Whatever that looks like for you, know that it's totally possible. Even if your not sure what your bigger life looks like, your soul's longing is enough to get you started.


Within a culture that discourages a woman's confidence, it can be difficult to find a way to your magic. You may catch inspiring glimpses of your power only to have it slip from your grasp at the first sign of doubt or discouragement.


Know that regaining your birthright of power and pleasure is not a selfish pursuit. And it's not about diet, having the the right clothes, education or job. It is a most necessary process that starts with you exactly where you are. Believe it or not, finding and feeding your desires greatly benefits your family, your community and indeed the world.


                                                         A bit about Deena:


From the stage to the sacred circle of the feminine, Deena's road has been a long and winding one.  Her vast and varying career has led her to develop this unique and intriguing way of service.  Deena's practice is informed by her professional and creative work with women, children, at-risk teens, families and couples. Her experience as a lifelong musician/songwriter adds depth and humor to your time together.


Deena's approach is inspired by the works of Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Regina Thomasauer, Doctor Dre, George Martin, Stanislav Grof and many other luminaries of the realms of the other.


Working together with Deena, you uncover the underlying patterns and energies that make up your wondrous, powerful self. Through this lens  you begin to unlock, understand and integrate so that you may move forward with a power and confidence you may have never thought possible.

Besides for Women's Transformative Psychology, Deena also specializes in teen and young adult well-being.

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"Pleasure is the direct antidote to the crisis of confidence and powerlessness women are currently experiencing The journey from victim to heroine is only possible through it."                                                                               Regina Thomashauer, Pussy: A Reclamation

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