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Therapy for Musicians

Meet the Musician's Therapist!


Deena Chappell Smith


Being a musician in the best of times is challenging enough. Now, the fate of the industry is more uncertain than ever. Anxiety and depression are at an all time high. If you are a musician or someone in a relationship with a musician, the chances are good that you're feeling it, too.

Don't give up and don't give in. The world needs you now more than ever. You were born for these times.

Deena Chappell Smith has been a professional musician/singer/songwriter for over 30 years. She holds two Master's degrees with focus on the psychology of music, Jungian thought and Personal Mythology.

Besides for working in and counseling the musical community, Deena has extensive experience in counseling teens, families and couples.

Deena also co-creates and facilitates successful workshops for women's empowerment.


Deena's vast and varied experience performing and composing in numerous genres combined with her advanced education in the field of psychology and counseling makes her the perfect coach for bringing inspiration, well-being and an overall healthy perspective to musicians and those who love them with humor, love and intuitive insight.

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Deena is available for video sessions through Zoom throughout the United States and beyond!

Here's what some clients have to say about working with Deena


Deena's approach to counseling is utterly unique. She finds a way to inspire you to do better and to feel better. And she's fun to talk with!


Guitar, Vocalist


Drawing from a surprising depth and breadth of resources, Deena gave me alot to think about. I've gained a clearer perspective of myself as a creative individual in these troubled times

~ Simon

Piano, Composer

Retro Microphone

Being a woman in the music industry can be really tough. Deena  helped me with my confidence. I'm definitely a better performer and a happier woman!



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